Surfer Feedback

"Really enjoy surfing M*A*T boards. Since I started, there really haven’t been any other boards that compare. The combination of Mat as a great surfer himself, and now a really well rounded shaper, create a recipe for super quality surfboards."
- Marq (Strand)

"Quality and love go into each design. I wouldn’t choose another shaper."

- Nic

"Surfboards done really well! Epic Mat!"

- J.P S

"Awesome boards from a quality shaper/surfer – Highly recommended."

- Justin

"They get a 5 star rating!"

- Geoff

"Been having some serious fun on the M*A*T. Flying in all sorts of conditions. Great feeling of full control."

- PD.C

"My second M*A*T goes even better than the first one, and the first M*A*T cooked in Indo and at home, stoked!"

- Peter Masson

"5 Stars all the way!"

- Tim


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