M*A*T Surfboards

M*A*T stuck his feet to a surfboard for the first time in 1993, and much like most first time surfers he has been consumed by the sport of surfing ever since. M*A*T has ridden a wide variety of surfboard types & origins since then, looking for the right board/wave set-up combinations. This search sparked his intrigue to pursue the shaping process’s sciences further. Something that led to the creation of not only the best boards for himself, but for the entire local surf community and later the international.

About MAT

Being a keen and competitive surfer himself, he’s able to reflect those experiences in his surfboards. Board design variables in terms of length, width, thickness, volume, concave, rail design, rocker, stringer type, foam selection and glassing is extremely important to M*A*T’s quality standards, and he puts immense detail & energy into each of his designs. M*A*T has a few thousand surfboard shapes under his name, and continues to improve in all facets of the shaping arena, interpreting each surfers particular surfboard requirements to a tee.

Our Surfboards

MAT Surfboards FishKebab
MAT Surfboards - MAT
MAT Surfboards HipKebab
M*A*T Surfboards
"Quality and love go into each design. I wouldn’t choose another shaper."
M*A*T Surfboards
"Been having some serious fun on the M*A*T. Flying in all sorts of conditions. Great feeling of full control."
M*A*T Surfboards
"Awesome boards from a quality shaper/surfer – Highly recommended."
M*A*T Surfboards
"My second M*A*T goes even better than the first one, and the first M*A*T cooked in Indo and at home, stoked!"

Hand Shaped Surfboards by core Surfers